The Rift Guide
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The Rift Raiding Guide.

Created by : Sunniebabe
Kin: Order of Methedras
Server : Brandywine

The Rift is the 12 Man Raid instance added with the release of Book 11.
The following guide is a general way of moving through the raid as I have experienced it.
Feel free to take what parts of this you want, although I guess the best achievement comes from learning the strategies yourself.

For this guide to work, I call on the skills of the following classes:
2 Guardians (Main Tank, Off Tank)
2 Minstrels (One per tank)
1 Captain (2 would be great)
1 Burglar (2 would be great)
1 Loremaster (Only 1 is needed, but 2 would be fine)

Entering the Rift there is an event sequence, the first of a number of sequences, where Burz kicks a worker down in the pit.

You move on and hit the first mob which is Cave-Troll + Keeper.
The Cave-Troll is immune to most things, but goes berserk while the Keeper is alive.
The MT tanks the Troll while the rest of the group takes down the Keeper, then finish off the Troll.

Second mob is a Slave-Master, Slave + adds.
The Slave is protected while the adds are alive. The adds get mega-heals while the slave is active.
The MT tanks the Slave-Master, the LM perma-mez's the Slave, the rest of the group downs the adds.
Then take out the Slave-Master, then finish off the Slave.
Note: If a mez fails, the burglar can addle the slave to keep her busy.

Head through the cave and before the exit is another Troll+Keeper Combo.
You know what to do.

Outside the cave exit is the fourth mob, it is a slave with a couple of Slave-Masters + adds.
Again, perma-mez the slave, MT and OT tank the Slave-Masters. Group downs the adds.
Then down the Slave-masters, then finish off the slave.

Don't go up the next ramp, instead go down as to head around to reach the lower level.
There are two easy sets of mobs, being a Slave-Master + adds.
One set is down the ramp, the next set is across the room, past the Giant Hero.
Clear these, you already know how.

Next clear the mobs from the giant.
Two Slave-Masters get tanked, couple of adds get mezzed by LM and BRG.
Group downs the rest of the adds, then the mezzed adds, then the SM's.

The Giant will trigger an event sequence where mobs will attack. Let them go, they continue forever.
Move out of the way, back up towards Barz which is where you cleared the latest set of mobs.

Stop at the cave exit, where there is Troll+Keeper Combo to the left and a Slave+Adds Combo right.
Take out the Slave+Adds Combo, you know how.
Then carefully pull the SM pats, it is likely you will pull adds. Make sure the tanks control the SM's, group downs the adds first.
Once the entire room is cleared (including the Troll+Keeper Combo which I usually do last) you are up to Barz.

Barz Fight.
Throw a token.
MT goes in and tanks Barz the entire fight. Move away when Barz speaks, since he will insta the MT at that time.
Rest of the group attacks from range.
When Barz hits ~96k Morale, he will spawn a Troll+Keeper Combo from the side where there used to be a bunch of miners.
OT tanks the Troll, group downs the Keeper, then down the Troll.
At ~67k Morale, Barz will spawn a Slave + adds from the other side of the room where the other miners were.
OT tanks the SM, LM mez's the Slave. *IMPORTANT* The LRM perma-mez's the Slave for the REST OF THE FIGHT. Don't kill the slave.
Right now there is a slave mez'd and there is Barz. Take down Barz from range. Then finish off the Slave.

Run back to the giant, he'll give a speech then trigger another wave of mobs, don't touch them.

Run back up towards the first cave tunnel, heading up the ramps this time.
There is an easy mob of SM+Adds, you know what to do.

Outside the cave exit a BRG should be able to slowly pull bits and pieces of the pats. In all cases it will be mobs you have seen before.
Mez Slaves, tank SM's and kill adds.

Zurm Fight.
Throw a token.
Plays the same as Barz. Except Zurm will throw rocks and random aggro.
Same strat as Barz, be careful of the random aggro.
If you wipe, Zurm will gain the Eye of Barz and will no longer random aggro or throw rocks, making the 2nd attempt easier.
You then down Zurm and then the mez'd slave.

Head back to the giant, another chat will ensue and the giant will let you through the boulder.
Head down to the giant camp and grab any quests. The provisioner is also here to convert your coins.

Ensure you keep away from the side entrance which you have not yet been through, as Butchers will rush through there to maintain a constant battle event with the giants.
If you get aggro, run into the giants and let their AoE take aggro.
Consider the Butchers as a kind of timer. They run from their spawn, down the tunnel, then mash with the giants. Another group will respawn and repeat the sequence when the butchers die.
Work your way through the tunnel, avoid the butchers.

Hitting the summoners.
Tank the fire-worms, kill the summoners, then kill the fireworms.

Fruz Fight.
As of writing this guide, it is uncertain as to whether the fight is bugged or not. I believe it is not and will explain after.
Enter the arena as a group, since the doors close.
Everyone stands to the side opposite the wall which has stairs above it (look up).
On these stairs, mob will come down and be confused, but they will heal Fruz if he is near them.
Everyone stands on the opposite side of the room, so Fruz never gets healed. Down the boss.
Note: People say the mob getting confused up the top is a bug, but I believe it is not. Since they heal so rapidly that Fruz would never die if those mob actually came into the room. Assuming the battle went with MT tanking Fruz and group downing adds, we simply would never defeat Fruz, since they heal too quick. The next mob would spawn before we made enough damage, of which Fruz would be re-healed. Essentially the only strat I can think of, would be for the MT to keep Fruz on one corner and for everyone to AoE and keep the adds in the other corner. At no point could the heal mobs be allowed near Fruz. It would be a long fight I expect.

Walk through the next door and head out into the room with a few Fighters and Defenders. Mez a couple, tank a couple, etc, etc.
Again, pull pats carefully, you should now be standing at the entrance to the arena with Zogtark in front of you and with no pats.

Throw an AoE root on the drakelings and tank/mez what's left. You should be able to minimise your damage taken and clear that set easily.
Move to the Fighting Drake. Tank the drake, down the rest, down the drake.
All that is left is a pair of elders, the boss and some flying drakes.
Stand between the boss and the elders, being in range of both.

Zogtark Fight.
Throw a token.
MT and OT pick a drake each to go tank.
Group takes out Worm adds.
Pick a drake to down, when one hits ~17k morale they will both fly away.
MT goes tanks the boss.
Everyone focuses on a drake and brings it down, at ~5k morale it will land. OT tanks the drake. Down the drake.
Repeat on 2nd Drake.
Take down Zogtark.

Head out the door and keep off the bridge. Take out the incomings as they come through, these will last forever.
Once everyone is prepared, rush the bridge and get to the next platform. A feramole(sp?) will appear, it is a volcano looking thing.
Everyone takes down the volcano, the tanks tank the little glowing adds it spawns.
Once they are dead another volcano will spawn.
Repeat this for 4 volcanos on that platform. (If you haven't fought 4 and there is a decent pause, run around on the platform to trigger them, otherwise they will pop up later when you least expect it)
While this is happening, standard orcs will continue to feed in.
Next, move to the next platform, another volcano will spawn, you know what to do.
Finally, the last platform and 1 more volcano.

Narnulubat Fight.
Throw a token.
Over-Seer will have a speech then leave.
The boss unbeatable with the seer adds. Darklings leech in from each side to the central portal, they then turn into mob.
Everyone runs onto the central platform (the mob start point).
A DPS class (hunter preferred) sits on each side of the platform, taking out the constant darklings.
MT tanks the boss, but can't keep aggro, since it's random aggro. Nevertheless MT tanks boss.
Main healer uses MT as a RAID ASSIST to always be able to select the boss and can then select target's target. Always healing the person getting hit. Healer also leads the encounter, letting people know who is being targetted.
Anyone who is targetted runs from central platform AWAY from group (no further than the starting ramp though otherwise it all resets). When aggro is lost, they return to centre. Repeat.
Rest of group takes out seers one by one.
When seers are downed, focus on downing the boss from range, keep the kiting strat going, because Narnulubat has nasty fire damage AoE.

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